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Labbe's Lawn Care Plus LLC

is a small lawn care company

based in the Quiet Corner of

North-Eastern Connecticut.

Established in 2018,

Richard Labbe is a manager of

Labbe's Lawncare Plus LLC.

He is no stranger to hard work,

having over 30 years experience in

the Logging Industry.

In 2017, a need for change took him

out of the woods

and lead Rich down the path of

lawn care and maintenance

...and has never looked back.

Richard Labbe comes to your property and gives the estimates.

Cindy Labbe answers the office phone during the week and

sets up appointments.

Labbe's Lawncare Plus, LLC has two specialized crews that do the mowing, weed whacking, reclaiming, raking, leaf blowing, planting, weeding,  landscaping and plowing...and most anything else that their customers may need done

to groom their property.

Labbe's Lawn Care Plus LLC is a professional company.

They take pride in their work and prioritize on

their customer's needs and concerns.

When the job is complete, they welcome the

"walk -through" just to ensure their customer is happy with their work.

Labbe's Lawn Care Plus LLC also welcomes feedback. 

If something wasn't done to your liking, 

please let us know so we can come back and make it right!

Communication is everything.


It all starts with a phone call.


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